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Thank you!!

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For information or to RSVP for any of these events,

you may also write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Be sure to let us know which event you wish to attend, your first and last name, and a phone number where you may be easily reached in the event of a venue or time change. You may also call 248-786-0760 and leave a message.We will return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you.


Recurring Events


 Please note:  Our Sweets Team is taking a break for the summer so stay tuned for details as to when this monthlyBible Study Group will start back up again in the fall. The next One will meet on Friday, October 6th.

"Sweets for the Body and Soul!" We usually meet on the first Friday of each month.

A monthly Bible Study that meets at the Troy Campus in Room 115 from 7-8:30 pm. 

Here's a real treat for everyone!   Bible Study

Just come and enjoy some sweets for your body and some nourishment for your soul.There is no need to RSVP and it's free. Just come and meet some new friends, enjoy some snacks, and learn Bible-based life lessons for your soul.

Enter through the west door of the 3-story Educational Wing of the Troy Campus and go down the hallway to the first room on your left, Room  115.

Take that "Next Step" and experience a wonderful time together with other singles.




 Weekly Small Group meetings on Thursdays at the Troy Campus.

This small group discussion time is for YOU! We cover specific topics that are relevant and unique to singles.  Please call Ron Pasquantonio, your leader, for more information at 248-688-7200.


Beginner Line Dancing Classes Every Thursday, 6-7 pm Troy Campus Room 304!

Use the elevator near the big orange slide in the main lobby to reach the 3rd floor.

It’s only $6 per session. Mark yourLine Dancing cropped calendars and don’t miss out! Wear comfortable shoes (No high heels or black sole shoes on the dance floor). No need to RSVP, just show up!

If you would like, and you still have some energy left, for an additional $5, you may stay later for the regular Line Dancing Class which goes from 7-8:30 pm every Thursday.

Any questions? Please call your instructor, Doug at 586-246-4243. Join us for a great night of exercise and making new friends.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Line Dancing Classes Thursdays 7- 8:30 pm Troy Campus in Rm. 304  (Experienced Beginners are welcome!)

Use the elevator near the big orange slide in the main lobby to reach the 3rd floor.  It's only $6 for a great night of fun and exercise.  This class is open to all adults, any age, married or single.  No dance partners are required and you don't need to RSVP.  Wear comfortable shoes. (No high heels or black sole shoes on the dance floor)  Join us and have a BLAST!


A Beginner Line Dancing Class meets every Saturday Morning at the Orion Campus from 10-11:30 am in Rm. 1100 of the Kid's Wing. 

You may want to bring a water bottle with you and wear comfortable leather-soled shoes, if possible, since you will be dancing on a rug. It's only $6 for a great morning of fun and exercise.  This class is open to all adults, any age, married or single.  No dance partners are required and you don't need to RSVP.  Join us and have a BLAST!  Just show up, get some great exercise, and have lots of fun!


Team Planning Meetings are usually held monthly.  

We need your ideas, suggestions, comments, and assistance as Encore continues to grow.   Your input is highly valued!  If you are interested in being a part of what's going on and would like to help out, please join us for our monthly planning meetings at the Troy Campus.  All you have to do is let us know that you're interested in attending and we will let you know in which room and time that we will be meeting for that day.  Thank you!

Click here if you'd like to attend and/or if you have any ideas that you would like to share.


New Events

 SATURDAY, September 23rd   Dinner and Movie Night

Let's meet for dinner together at 5:30 pm at Uno's, 44805 Mound Rd. in Sterling Heights  just south of M-59!


At the restaurant, while we are eating, we'll decide which movie each of us would like to see and then we'll group up with those of us who wish to see the same movie at the nearby AMC Theater. 

A list of the current movies will be provided to choose from.

After the movie, you're encouraged to join us back at Uno's for coffee and perhaps dessert to share our movie experiences with each other. 

Reservations at Uno's will be under "Encore."

So that we can save you a seat for dinner, please RSVP here as soon as possible!


5th Saturday Special Event


Saturday, September 30th


What's that??

It's a game that combines the equipment of Amerian football and the original bowling pin game into one sport with a similar layout as horseshoes and cornhole.  Founded by Chris Hutt from right here in Detroit in 2001

The rules are simple:  2 teams set up bowling pins across from one another and take turns trying to knock each other's pins down by throwing a football.  The first team to knock down all of the opposing team's pins wins!

We will be meeting, eating, and playing at:

The Hub

2550 Takata Drive

Auburn Hills

We will meet at 6:45 pm and begin playing at 7 pm.

We have 2 lanes reserved for 7 pm and space for 20 to play the game. 

The cost for one hour of play depends on how many are playing.  ($8 - $12)  

Afterwards, we may grab a bite to eat there and socialize! 

Reservations are required.


So, join us and have a blast!

RSVP by clicking here!



 MONDAY, October 9th  Dinner and Concert

Let's meet at 5:30 pm for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then enjoy the great United States Air Force Band of Mid-America performance at the  Macomb Center for the Performing Arts,

44575 Garfield Rd. Clinton Township

The concert begins at 7:30 pm. 

When you RSVP with us, we will get your ticket for the concert.

(You must have a ticket for the concert, however the tickets are FREE)

Please RSVP by clicking here

This group is for YOU!

We need your ideas, suggestions, and your assistance. 

Please send us your thoughts/comments by clicking here.


If you would like to be a part of what's going on and are able to assist us with any events, attend our meetings, please let us know by clicking here.

Thank you!  



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