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Touring the Thanksgiving Parade Warehouse

 Parade Company Tour Group with guide 2


 Thanksgiving Parade Company Tour!

 Parade Company Tour Group smaller size       Parade Company Tour Selfies smaller


 "Adopt a Family" Presents

 Adopt 2017                                                                                                     


   Line Dancing Party!                                    Relaxing on the Deck -  Beach Party!

 LD Party 10 6 18 Out the door     Picnic on the Lake Porch


    Line Dancers Having a Great Time!                 Volleyball on the beach

     Picnic on the Lake Patti    LD Party 10 6 18 FlapperLD Party 10 6 18 Group with Doug

          Awesome Shot, Jeff!

Picnic on the Lake Jeff VB

 Bonfire Loon Lake 300x169
Roasting Hotdogs-Bonfire Loon Lake Beach!



      Nature Walk October 2015 400x300

Fresh Air and a Great Nature Walk

Independence Oaks - Fun!




 Huron Lady II

Huron Lady Cruise out of Port Huron



 Thanksgiving Group 2 at Camp Ti on 11 26 15 400x250

An Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner

with Friends!

    Thanksgiving Turkey Camp Ti on 11 26 15 400x225

Full Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings!


 Thanksgiving Group 1 at Camp Ti 11 26 15 400x225

 Wow!  Those are FULL plates at Camp Ticonderoga!


Thanksgiving Pie at Camp Ti on 11 26 15 400x225

Sweet ending to a wonderful holiday together!


 Motown 11 7 15 Assembly Line 2 400x300  Motown 11 7 15 Assembly Line 400x300
 Motown Soup Kitchen - Soup's on!  Motown Soup Crew!  Preparing mixes for Soup Kitchens


Motown 11 7 15 Filling Bag 250x444

Filling each bag takes loving care!


                Thanksgiving Dan at Camp Ti on 11 26 15 250x444

Ahhhhhhhhh!   Yum Yum!  Happy!

      Nature Walk October 2015 400x300

Fresh Air and a Great Nature Walk 

Independence Oaks - Fun!

 Motown 11 7 15 Finished Product 300x169

Motown Soup Kitchen's Finished Products - Cookie Mixes ready to go!




Redford Organ300x169

 Historic Pipe Organ Concert

Before the clasic movie begins

   Redford Group 302x170

The Redford Theatre -  "It's a wonderful Life!"


 Euchre Group 2 6 16 300x171

Euchre Night - Motown Soup Dinner!


Euchre Laura Group 2 6 16 300x183

We're ready to play!

 Euchre Patti Dan 2 6 16 300x169

 Euchre Pat Sanders mirror 2 6 16

Join the fun, win prizes, have a bite to eat,

and make new friends!

 Euchre Food Line 2 6 16 300x302

Delicious Motown Soups, Fresh Salads,

Yummy Bread Sticks,  and tons of desserts!

Euchre Kevin 2 6 16 300x169

 Huron Lady 8 20 16 Blue Water Bridge 300x169

Going under the Blue Water Bridge

Sailing north into Lake Huron


Huron Lady 8 20 16 Thumb Coast Brewing 300x169

Thumb Coast Brewing Restaurant

in Port Huron before the cruise

Huron Lady 8 20 16 Side View 300x500

A great day cruising the St. Clair River

Lots of fun!

 Huron Lady 8 20 16 6 on bow 300x169 Enjoying the breeze and views 

from the the starboard bow!


 Huron Lady II

Huron Lady II 

Out of Port Huron

 Huron Lady 8 20 16 Lunch before Cruise 300x211

Lunch together before the cruise!

Hey, the waiter photo-bombed us!!!  :)

 Clarkston New Group 400x225

Say "Cheese!!"